Text Cash Network Pay Plan - Text Cash Network Income Plan

Text Cash Network Pay Plan - Text Cash Network Income Plan

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Text Cash Network Inc. a new division of a five year old communications company owned by The Johnson Group. Brett Hudson, President of Text Cash Network Inc. has over 12 years of management experience in the high technology computer field. Brett created a start up Dot Com Company in 1996 from the ground floor and took it public within 2 years, achieved a 42 million dollar evaluation before exiting the Company. Founded a stored value card company in 2001 that was acquired by a publicly traded company in 2003.

A proven track record of success in team development, internet marketing, retail distribution, lead generation programs and guidance as well as strategic product/sales planning that resulted in profitable growth and market leadership. Consistently produces top-level sales achievements both domestically and internationally. Both Johnson and Hudson have a vision for T.C.N. with millions of agents and clients to become a Serious Global Giant.

Text Cash Network Income Plan:- 

Totally FREE Always.
You Never Pay Anything! (Unless you want to advertise)
You commit to receiving 5 texts per day.
You can do only 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.
But at 5 texts per day.
You choose your category of which texts you would like to receive: food, clothes, movies, etc. You pick the time you would like to get the texts.
If you choose 5 texts per day. You get paid $7.50 for the month.
Not much, but get this.
You may sign as many people up to do the same as you would like.
You make $7.50 per month off of each of them.
Here is how you get paid 5 levels down:
You get $.05 per text and then
Level 1- $.05
Level 2- $.04
Level 3- $.03
Level 4- $.02
Level 5- $.01
These are paid per text. So if you have:
10 people $75.00 per month.(Plus texts)
100 People $750.00 per month.
1,000 People $7,500.00 per month.
This should pop your eyes out of your head!!

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