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We are now in Pre-Launch and accepting Referral Agents seeking to build a solid income from the exciting new TEXT TO SAVE MARKET PLACE.

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Are there any free mlm companies that are worth a grain of salt. We all know that no company is perfect and they all have to make a profit in order to stay in business. The main concept of mlm is that it is easier and cheaper for average people to spread the news about a company or product than going the traditional Google ad and major advertisement routes. So why are companies charging us astronomical prices to promote their products.

 Some companies are $1000, $500, $100 plus a monthly membership fee or auto-ship. If there where a company that's completely free and paid you good money for promoting their free service would you be interested? I am going to show you how and why this particular company will soon become a world-wide phenomenal, the likes we haven’t seen since mega companies like Mary Kay and Amway. We will also see why their product is free for us to market and how you can take part of this trillion dollar industry.

The name of the company is call the Text Cash Network and it is being compared to Groupon and Living Social on steroids. In their first 27 Days they reached over 100,000 Agents all across the world. Setting a new world record in the networking industry, the social media industry including MySpace and FaceBook and the daily deal industry including Groupon and Living Social. They are one of the first to go after the text to save market which is estimated to be the next big format in USA business advertising. There are over 5 billion cellphones used world wide and 2.5 trillion texts where sent last year. Are you one of the people making money off of your cellphone or are you making others money?

    So how can the Text Cash Network be a free mlm? As mention above the TCN is in the text to save market. Johnny gets a text that says Mega Company Apples R US is having a huge blowout sale on apple seeds. Not only does Johnny plans to stock up on Apple seeds he tells all of his neighbors and they want to get the same discount. Johnny tells them this deal is limited to TCN members but they can join for free and not only get deals like this, but special discounts daily from brand name companies. The company did a small promotion for a major restaurant chain in the USA and in 3 days drove 50,000 customers into their restaurant. It was so successful they have already put in another order for a big promotion in January 2012.

Text Cash Network will offer its Members/Agents/Consumers the same $50 of merchandise for $25 and in addition to the $25 Coupon. The merchant also offer its Consumer a $100 in Gift Cash. The merchant is paid the $25 direct from the Consumer giving the merchant instant cash flow for their merchandise or service. In fact because of the GIFT CASH the merchant may not have to go as high as 50% and give a 30% discount instead and still have a higher perceived discount than the 50% Groupon/Living Social Offer.
Based on only 100 Coupons/Discount Offers Average $25.

  •     Merchant pays $1250 to Groupon on 1st Offer.
  •     Merchant pays ZERO* to T.C.N. on 1st Offer (see why below).
  •     Merchant pays $1250 to Groupon on offers thereafter.
  •     Merchant pays $299 to T.C.N. on offers thereafter.

*The T.C.N. PROFIT-SHARE pays for merchants 1st offer sold via The T.C.N. Sales Division called O.T.A.N. which is Opt in Text Ad Network dedicated to calling and advertising to every major traditional business in the world.

Not bad for a free mlm. To get more information and see what kind of numbers you may achieve click here.

IMPORTANT:The following paragraph MUST BE READ ALOUD or whenever The Text Cash Network compensation plan is presented verbally, by phone, or included in its entirety when communicating in writing, e-mail or webinar:
The Text Cash Network is a 100% FREE OPPORTUNITY. No commissions are paid for the act of recruiting. T.C.N. Compensation is earned only when: #1) a member/agent provide a service to the company such as receiving up to 5 texts or e-mails daily is a service. #2) When a member/agent were to sell or purchase a product or service. Any purchase of any product or service is 100% OPTIONAL. There are three levels of involvement. Members, Referral Agents & VIP Referral Agents. VIP Referral Agents have sold or purchased a domestic or international VIP Advertising Package to a Non-Member or Non-Referral Agent.

If a Member or Referral Agent wants to participate in The POWER-SHARE TEXT POOL ADVERTISING PROGRAM, They must be very clear that you are purchasing TEXT PACKAGES for T.C.N. to GIVE AWAY as FREE TEST for businesses to try our service 100% FREE. You are NOT purchasing stock or any other form of "investment" or equity. You MUST actually use the TEXTS that you purchase or give them to The T.C.N. POWER-SHARE ADVERTISING PROGRAM. Affiliates who present our products to others in a misleading manner or in a way that leads the buyer to believe he or she is making an investment or purchasing equities will be terminated and all commissions and awards will be forfeited. Buyers MUST read "How The T.C.N. POWER-SHARE ADVERTISING PROGRAM Works" on The Text Cash Network website and The Legal Disclaimers."

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